Daring to Believe

This time two years ago I had finally gotten my proof copies of my first novel, a book that I had sweated and cried over for five years.  It is a magical moment when you open the package to see what had very much been a figment of your imagination for five years; manifest itself in all its papery perfection.   That feeling is something that I will never forget, I was so proud of the work I had created and that I had done it myself with the help of so many local people.

Lucy and Patrick from Lucent Word were my amazing and supportive editors and digital masters.  The photographer Amy Frahill just got me, she understood what I wanted to create and brought Saoirse to life on the cover.   Aleksandra, our model, scared the life out of us when she put on the grey cloak on that cliff in Nohoval, Saoirse stood there in front of us and there was magic in the air.


My family can’t go without being mentioned, supportive and encouraging as always, poor Chris dragging herself out of her bed to read the next chapter; sent by post to Dublin because I knew she was the best critic.  They have and continue to be a driving force behind me.

But my hubby deserves the most recognition; none of this would have happened without him, he pushed and pushed, criticised and encouraged, edited and reviewed, washed dishes and changed bums, just so I could write and get it finished.  He encourages me to write, pushes me to improve and aspire to more, and he loves me.  What more could a writer want!

I hope that in years to come I will have continued to make these people proud, and have been worthy of their support and hard work.  I hope that my boys are proud of their mum and how she went about making her dreams come true, and I hope that they live by the motto that ‘Nothing is impossible if we dare to believe.’

The book is still for sale on Amazon in Paperback or Kindle

Human Child is coming along nicely, but for now hope you enjoy this little snippet of The Silver Comb,

T x


The Silver Comb

A lonely grey figure stood at the edge of the cliff.
The wind was howling as though trying to sweep it
into the tumbling waves below. The ferocious sea
pounded the cliff, trying to capture the figure for itself. The
sky was black. The storm clouds smothered the sliver of a
new moon behind them. The rain had not yet started, but
the air was heavy in anticipation.
She pulled the grey hood tightly around her face, took a
deep breath and sighed: this was where she was meant to be,
this was right. She had fought with the decision for weeks,
but now that she was here she knew it was the right thing to
do. It was for the best.
The wind caught her hood. Her long dark red hair escaped
and danced freely in the gale. She made no attempt to
readjust it, but delighted in the sensation. She stepped
closer to the cliff edge, peering into the darkness below. She
could feel the ocean calling her; she could feel the grip of
its arms ready to welcome her. She took a deep breath and
filled her lungs with heavy air.
It was time.




You’ll find Lucy and Patrick here

Amy Frahill Photograpghy here

and the hauntingly beautiful Aleksandra here

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  1. Beautiful post Trish. The very best wishes and success with your book. I must get a copy. I am owner of Coliemore The Artists House in Cobh. I host music, poetry, storytelling and plays in my art gallery.


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