I’ve been AWOL - you all know that’s how I roll! But just a little nudge to let you know Dare to Believe The Silver Comb is available as an Audio book on Spotify and all other podcast platforms through Anchor. It took me forever but I got there in the end. Audiobook Lots coming... Continue Reading →

Coming Home for Christmas

(A second story because let's be honest I've neglected this poor site all year. Enjoy!) Inside she felt herself the equal of anyone on this earth, she was equal to anybody in this world, she was worthy of love and affection, she was someone - a daughter, a sister, a friend she had worth.  She... Continue Reading →

Coming Home

A short story to get you in the festive mood... The chill of a December morning, packing up the car, full to the brim with cozy knits and sparkling presents.  Heading south on the dual carriageway after a pit stop for fuel, the car filled with petrol and a keep cup filled with a cinnamon... Continue Reading →

We Took a Minute

I wrote this little piece at the very start of Lockdown, when I had mad ideas of finishing books and writing all day - real life proved very different but I hope you like it. And then we took a minute … to breath, to rest, to calm the storms in our heads and ease... Continue Reading →

Podcast Pending

So I did it. I’ve been threatening to do it for a long time and I suppose it had to take a world pandemic for me to get my act together and actually start recording the first book! If I’m honest I’m really actually brushing up on my Saoirse trivia as I bunker down to... Continue Reading →

What is love?

WHAT IS LOVE? As I've had the busiest week of the term and been over worked by life in general, my short story for today is unedited and awaiting an end! I'll get to it over the weekend as life returns to normal and publish it early next week but for the day that's in... Continue Reading →

Silent Night

Christmas has always been a magical and happy time for me.  My mother loves Christmas and it's a trait that has happily rubbed off on me.  But I am always conscious that for others it is a sad and lonely time, a time when they are separated for loved ones, away from home or alone. ... Continue Reading →

The Bonfire at Cushendall

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year.  I wouldn't call it a holiday, but it is a celebration of Samhain, of the harvest, of lost souls and of all the things that could be!  I love the pagan idea of Halloween and the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, the blurring of the lines... Continue Reading →

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