We Took a Minute

I wrote this little piece at the very start of Lockdown, when I had mad ideas of finishing books and writing all day – real life proved very different but I hope you like it.

And then we took a minute … to breath, to rest, to calm the storms in our heads and ease the pain in our hearts.
We took a minute because we were forced to, compelled to, needed to even though we didn’t know we needed it.
We took a minute to praise the frontline staff and all those who keep us safe and well. We held them in our hearts and clapped them with our hands.

We took a minute to grieve the lost, to console the families heartbroken. We shed a tear because we knew it could be us.
We took a minute to school our children, to see how they learn, to watch them grow and we held them as they missed their grandparents and their friends.
We took a minute to be thankful of the job we still had, the payday still coming, and knew we were lucky because so many were not.

We took a minute because we could, because we are the lucky ones that can; that can stop and watch the sun rise and set, walk free in our 2k and enjoy that minute.

And then we took another…

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