Teen Creative Writing Workshop

So it appears that I am good at keeping promises!

The details of my next workshop still need some ironing out, (which should be done tomorrow) but for those of you that are interested or have a budding writer in your household, my next workshop will take place on the 17th August in Cobh Library. It will be a free morning event but booking is essential. You can contact me here, on my social media or at trishcarlos@gmail.com to book or you can call into the Library itself and give your name in there.

The workshop is open to all levels of teen writers and you are more than welcome to bring along some of your own work so I can have a look. You don’t need to bring anything with you only a curious mind and creative soul!

Also currently looking into hosting some further workshops for both teens and adults at October Midterm. Further information will be available as soon as dates and venue are confirmed.

Off now to actually do a bit of writing as my head is very much in the game tonight!!!

Always remember; nothing is impossible if you Dare to Believe!

Lots of Love,


#daretobelieve #thesilvercomb #humanchild #trishcarlos #teenwriting #YA

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