Hello there stranger!

So it’s been a while, it’s been a very long while.  This site is nearly a year old now and when I set it up last year I was so full of every kind of emotion that I really didn’t know where I was going.  I was so excited that the book was in the final stages of editing and production, so stressed because of that process and being a full-time mum and so petrified at what lay ahead; publishing, launching, having people actually read the book and having an opinion on it.  To quote Coldplay, ‘Nobody said it was easy, nobody said it would be this hard’ and I do remind myself every now and then, when I’m overwhelmed by what I must or should be doing, to go back to the start, to think about why it was that I chose this route and took the road less travelled (lots of quoting tonight!)

I have always wanted to be a writer.  I have always had three or four different stories flying around inside my head that I wanted to put down on paper.  If I had kept a journal and jotted down all those ideas, I’d have a library of would be books and short stories that would rival the Long Room in Trinity.

Dare to Believe was conceived many moons ago and I suppose it took motherhood and the need to escape to push me to actually getting it down on paper.  I also wanted to have something that the boys could be proud of and that I could say to them and mean it, ‘If you dream it and work hard, you can achieve it!’

So am continuing to live the dream and trying to put in the hours of hard work required, but honestly it’s very hard.  I am not the PR/Marketing machine I had hoped I would be and I haven’t yet met Ellen DeGeneres or Saoirse Ronan who are going to rave about my book and make it a best seller.  I have however received some of the nicest feedback from readers and been delighted to even meet a few of you along the way.  You give me the motivation and drive to push on and keep plugging away at it.

Book Two’s story line and locations have been locked down and the writing is underway.  The dark autumnal evenings will help I’m sure, but as it seems to be as always it’s baby steps, but still they’re steps.  (Must stay focused though as there is another character called Talulah in my head, trying to muscle in and get her own book written!!!!)

On top of writing, I am also working on delivering Creative Writing Workshops for Teenagers and my next one is taking place in the middle of August in my local library.  I loved the last one and am so looking forward to prepping and giving this one.  I’ll post details tomorrow when everything is confirmed.

So I’ll leave you on the promise that I’ll be back tomorrow (let’s see how good I am at keeping promises.)

Always remember nothing is impossible if you Dare to Believe.

Lots of Love


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  1. Trish, i loved the book and cannot wait till i get to read the second book.. i cant get you on #ellendegeneres but i tell everyone how wonderful the silver comb is! You come very highly recomended from here in Springfield ohio USA.. keep up the great work and let me know when book 2 is available!!!


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